Basic Technician Certificate in Wildlife Management (BTCWM)

Basic Technician Certificate in Wildlife Management (BTCWM). The College offers a basic Certificate in Wildlife Management which is designed for those who want to enter NTA Level 4 training or work in the lower ranks of Wildlife or Natural Resource Management Agencies, NGOs and private sector organizations.This program is jointly taught by the Department of Wildlife Management


Timetable and Duration
The Basic Certificate Program is a six-months program.The program runs twice each academic year,from July to December and January to June.Students may also attend these modules over a longer period of time to suit their own needs.

Program Objectives
This program aims to produce basic knowledge,skills,attributes and attitudes that will enable graduates to work in Government,NGOs,local communities,the private sector and international agencies to support in the management of wildlife and tourism industries.The Basic Certificate in Wildlife Management therefore takes both national and international perspectives on board.It is designed to provide students with essentials of basic understanding of the Wildlife Management sectors through filed practicals training in protected areas.After completion of the program,graduates will have acquired skills and knowledge   to support them in undertaking Wildlife Management initiatives in both private and public sectors.This program also lays a foundation for NTA level 5 training offered by the Institute.

Course Structure

2.2 Basic Technician Certificate in Wildlife Management (BTCWM).
It covers the following modules: -
First Semester:
i. WMT04101 – Introduction to Wildlife Law Enforcement I
ii. WMT04103 – Introduction to Range Management
iii. WMT04104 – Introduction to Botany
iv. WMT04108 – Introduction to Mammalogy
v. WMT04109 – Introduction to Wildlife Management
vi. WMT04110 – Introduction to Ballistics and Military Training I
vii. WMT04111 – Introduction to Wildlife Conservation Education and

Communication Skills I
viii. WMT04113 – Field Training I

Second Semester:
i. WMT04101 – Introduction to Wildlife Law Enforcement II
ii. WMT04202 – Basic Statistics
iii. WMT04205 – Introduction to Invertebrate Zoology
iv. WMT04206 – Introduction to Herpetology and Ichthyology
v. WMT04207 – Introduction to Ornithology
vi. WMT04210 – Introduction to Ballistics and Military Training II
vii. WMT04211 – Wildlife Conservation Education and Communication

Skills II
vii. WMT04212 – Basic Tourism and First aid.
viii. WMT04213 – Field Training II


BTCWM course:
1. Candidates must have completed and passed an ordinary level (O-level) in five subjects with D in both Biology and Geography or;

2. Candidates who have completed ordinary level (O-level) education of any pass with a certificate for a three-month course in wildlife management from the Institute of Wildlife Management – Pasiansi or;

3. Candidates with at least two years of working experience in the Wildlife sector or other relevant field

4. Candidates should be certified physically fit by a recognized physician. This is due to the fact that the course entails paramilitary training.

5. Applicants are required to submit filled application forms provided by the Institute with details of required qualifications to the Principal, at-taching copies of relevant certificates. Applicants, who are employees of WD, District Council, TANAPA, NCAA, and NGOs, should submit their application forms through their employers.

6. Applicants with required entry qualifications will be notified to appear for interview at designated interview centres

7. Successful candidates for the above two courses will be notified through the public media

8. Selected candidates will be required to register within the first week of the course.

9. After registration, students will be required to obtain and read thor-oughly the Institute regulations.

10. Candidates who will fail to report within the first week of the course shall not be registered.

Getting Started

It's important to submit your application as soon as possible to be deemed eligible for this program / course

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