Vision, Mission and Core Values

To be a center of excellence in providing appropriate training in Wildlife law enforcement for sustainable Wildlife Management.

To produce quality wildlife rangers for protecting wildlife resources through offering paramilitary, wildlife management, law enforcement and security training as well as research and consultancy services.

Core Values
Integrity and Accountability: We assure the highest level of integrity in administrative, services, accountability, dissemination of skills and knowledge activities and pledge to maintain and report records accurately;
Affordability: We cater for emerging school leavers at affordable costs without compromising the breakeven cost;
Financial Sustainability: We strive to deliver a thoughtful strategic choice that ensures sufficient financial resources;
Responsiveness: We endeavour to be responsive to customer demands and changing world scenarios
Dedicated staff: We strive to develop a stable, highly qualified and motivated workforce that actively delivers the institute’s mission at the highest standards.
• Commitment to sustainable wildlife conservation we are committed to sustainable wildlife conservation.
Collaborative innovation: We strive to building strong social capital (partnership and networks)

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